Partner with ABBYY

ABBYY’s Solution Partner Programme is designed to help our partners to realise their business goals, drive new revenue streams and meet the needs of their customers. We strive to ensure our partners’ success by providing the most complete and reliable data capture solutions available. In addition, we offer the necessary resources to support our partners throughout the marketing, sales, implementation, and support processes.

Participants in the ABBYY Solution Partner Programme have the ability to:

  • Build new solutions and services on top of established, well-branded Data Capture technology
  • Expand their knowledge base and technology expertise with access to cutting-edge technology and experts
  • Broaden their sales reach
  • Strengthen their company and service brands through ABBYY co-marketing programmes

ABBYY knows that a strong network of qualified partners is essential for driving a successful business. It is through work with partners that we can best serve the needs of companies, government agencies, financial institutions and other organisations looking for powerful solutions customised for their businesses.

By working with partners we can:

  • Access rapidly growing markets
  • Drive technology innovation
  • Address vertical market needs
  • Enhance levels of customisation for customers

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