Trial Download

Solution Partners can get access to the latest data and document capture releases by obtaining a trial of the software.

You can obtain Trials for FlexiCapture and Recognition Server.

Please note: ABBYY would like to get the information about Trial request from your customers, and therefore you need to fill in a form for each of your Trial requests.

Software Evaluation Request Form (SERF)

Three steps to your Trial:

Download the Software Evaluation Request Form and fill in your data. Please note that you only have to provide the SERF once to ABBYY.

You can download a copy of the SERF below:


Please send us per email or via fax the completed and signed SERF either to your sales manager (see list of contacts).

Download the latest Distributive. You need the Trial Serial Number sent to you from our internal sales department for activating the software.

Software Evaluation Form

How to download the Trial

For installation and using the trial software you need to download the latest release of FlexiCapture or Recognition Server.

Once you receive the Serial number you can download the Releases from within this Partner Portal.

Go to FlexiCapture Download Pages >>

Go to Recognition Server Download Pages >>

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